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This week only: July 8-July 15
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Updated: July 11th 2024
Skiving Worker
Tough young Blake is utterly humiliated having both the doctor and his coworker see him completely starkers! To make matters worse they get in close to intimately examine his penis and testicles. There's nothing he can do to stop them because one incriminating word from the doctor will mean he'll lose his job! They savour the chance to enjoy his sexy masculine body...


Julian - Part 4 Added: Sat July 13th 2024
They've got the stud of the office's cock in their hands and there is nothing this arrogant bastard can do about it! His workmates constantly remind him of their dominance over him while they stroke him until the sexy bastard can't help growing a big thick erection. He's been groomed to be the head of the company and here Julian is stark naked in the grimy toilets being tossed off by perverts!
Schoolboy Rentboy
Daniel is utterly bewildered at what is happening to him. Surely this can't be right? But fearsome Headmaster Swallows is not to be challenged. Having stripped him naked, the older man proceeds to explore every inch of the terrified schoolboy's body. Unused to such intimate fumblings it's not long before the young lad's penis starts to respond and spring to attention...
It must be the closest thing to heaven burying your nose between the muscular arse cheeks of a fit straight man. Sunk in that hairy crevice you can inhale the rich masculine aroma of his tight virgin arsehole. Jamie's sphincter is lubed up with the men's spit and widened open with their probing fingers. Dave makes sure to capture his wincing mug on film while his forbidden arse is cracked open.
Reform-School Boy
The French teacher is mesmerised by bastard student Rowan! All his dirtiest fantasies have come true as the cheeky dominant lad demands that his stripped superior lick Rowan's stinking arsehole and jerk his own cock while Rowan watches. What's worse, Rowan is hatching an even more debauched plan when he catches the pervy headmaster and PE teacher working Mr Bristle's hard dick and anus.
The Torn Jockstrap
While the guys surround Joe and fondle his big muscular body he admits that he hasn't ejaculated in two days. They're busily snapping pics for the club photo album and a future rugby calendar. Wouldn't it be legendary to capture a shot of this hairy stud shooting that buildup of jizz all over the rec room?!? The overwhelming stimulation of being expertly stroked makes the dumb lug grow an uncontrollable erection...
Second Chance
As a former criminal desperate for a job, Rafal has no choice but to comply with these filthy interviewers hellbent on using his hot body for all its worth. They greedily take full control of him, groping and wanking his cock till he's unable to supress his sex drive. His big pink balls are bulging with cum and they expertly drive him to an explosive orgasm.
Join for only ($39.95) $29.95!
This week only: July 8-July 15
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Dad & Lad
Johnny is receiving a severe OTK spanking from his dad for his bad behaviour. The boy may insist he's still a virgin, but he's proven how untrustworthy he is - because his disciplining has caused him to grow aroused. All his Dad can do is assess his offspring's claim by weighing his testicles and testing his penis with the help of the rugby club chairmen. The 18 year old can barely control himself standing naked before them.
Jail Break
There are worse places than jail... and the offices of this talent agency is one of them! Neither convict has ever experienced such shame and debasement of their bodies before. And for Andy things are about to get even worse as the group of men surround him and decide to show him how they treat the prison bitch.
Caught Wanking
This proud office worker likes to pretend he's a chaste and pure hetero, but his colleagues have hazed him and teased his virgin arsehole. Now he's strutting around the desks with a raging hard boner bouncing around! Pinned between his suited colleagues they take charge of his erection. All his perverted urges come out as he's struck dumb with an all encompassing desire to cum!
Colin the Builder
Colin's sphincter is opened by the men's vigorous fingering. As they hit his g-spot his cock leaks precum and his ball sack bulges. Colin's stamina is well and truly tested as Dave fucks him with a thick dildo. Under the hot lamps and the attention of three clothed men, Colin breaks out in a sweat filling the room with his manly scent.
Enrico's precious masculine pride gets a bruising as his arsehole opened for the first time. The men take turns sliding their fingers up his arse while Enrico grits his teeth and swears furiously at his captors. There's no going back now as his g-spot is stimulated causing his thick cock to leak sticky precum. His excitable cock is stroked till the muscleman shoots a hot stream of sperm.
Join for only ($39.95) $29.95!
This week only: July 8-July 15
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There's nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit!

What CMNM is all about
These proud studs are made excruciatingly self-conscious as older fully-clothed men shamelessly fondle their genitals and penetrate their virgin arseholes.
We pretend it's all just a bit of fun between lads as we explore their virgin arses and drain their balls of cum.
For these masculine guys, being naked and toyed with by other men is a totally unnatural and unsettling experience.
Despite their embarrassment, we manhandle these naive men, give them uncomfortable erections and then cause them to cum. We make sure to drain every last drop from them.
We instruct these heterosexual men to display their tight young arses, bulging sacks and throbbing cocks - all under our authoritative supervision.
The boys have buttplugs and vibrators inserted into their un-touched holes - everything we do is designed to embarrass them and make our dicks hard.
Some of these young lads are practically virgins and we subject them to new sexual procedures, including being made to lap up their own cum.
The once proud studs just have to submit to our every whim as we greedily strip off every stitch of their clothing and drool over their most private areas.
The men cringe in shame as their cocks are measured and their arseholes stretched for the first time, all for our viewing pleasure.
After our rough hands bring them off, their red faces & blushing cheeks betray their feelings as they eat their own slimy cum off our fingers.
Young men stripped totally naked by complete strangers become wonderfully compliant, allowing their holes to be painfully probed for the first time.
Every one of these straight lads gets examined, deflowered and made to orgasm - and it's all captured in breathtaking HD quality.
Join for only ($39.95) $29.95!
This week only: July 8-July 15
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